Our goal is to be the streetwear industry leader by providing value to our community, and setting the standard for the retail customer experience.


Soleply was created with a vision of what a sneaker store could truly become. After years of traversing the country, attending countless sneaker conventions, and exploring nearly every sneaker store in the category, Thomas Yoder and Dustin Billow were left unimpressed by the available options. They shared a compelling vision of what the streetwear retail experience could and should be. Leveraging their extensive inventory, connections and insights acquired over a combined decade in the sneaker business, Soleply came to life.


At Soleply, we firmly believe in the fundamentals, as expressed by Michael Jordan himself: "Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise." We hold the conviction that by providing customers with exceptional products at competitive prices while simultaneously maintaining rigorous expectations for customer service, we can set the standard for customer experience within the retail industry.


Since our inception on January 9th, 2021, amid the challenges of the pandemic, we have experienced a remarkable trajectory, swiftly expanding to seven locations, with our eighth on the horizon. This impressive growth is undeniably attributed to our unwavering commitment to mastering the fundamentals and utilizing concrete data for real-time strategic decision-making. Our ambitious vision aims to establish 100 locations by 2030, extending our community's reach nationwide. This plan is rooted in our dedication to maintaining our successful model of strategic retail locations, ensuring consistent foot traffic, connections to diverse customer bases, and efficient, scalable operations.