Our story began like many sneakerheads, with a passion. We took that passion and turned it into Soleply. With a combined experience of twelve years in the industry we truly have the tools to ensure that all of our customers #staysupplied. Our staff members all had similar beginnings in the sneakerworld. We all wanted the most exclusive and expensive shoes, but had little to no means of obtaining them. That is when the world of reselling was discovered, finally a way to find and fund the most exclusive shoes on the market. Through reselling our staff members were able to build extensive knowledge on sneakers and the sneaker resale market. After years of being in the industry our staff has been all around the country building relationships within the sneaker community. Our main focus with Soleply was to create a one stop shop sneaker destination. A place where customers have the opportunity to buy, sell, or trade sneakers and streetwear. Here at Soleply we pride ourselves on owning 100% of our inventory. This allows us to offer products at prices that are on average 15%-30% cheaper than that of our consignment store counterparts.